• Oxford Women in Progress:  A basketry and bakery operation supported by LIFE that has seen the concept move from an idea to a successful EFJ bidder with ever expanding operations.
  • AIBFA Revolving Loan Programme: The beneficiaries of this project are members of the Parish Bee Farmers Association, which consist of community members organised around beekeeping. Consisting mainly of small farmers, they face the challenges of poverty, unemployment and access to credit. The revolving loan programme will allow bee farmers access to funds to facilitate equipment and material purchases at critical points (for example high nectar flow period of January – June), so as to maximize honey production.
  • Dallas Castle Producers: Through training from JBDC and LIFE coordination, Dallas Castle Producers are now producing natural fruit juices (June plum, soursop, pineapple, sorrel and tamarind).
  • Java Project: This project is funded by JSIF and is being implemented in partnership with Hope for Children Development Company in 2 of their target communities – Rose Town and Greenwich Town
  • Mile Gully Entrepreneurial Group (MGEG): This is a dynamic group located in western St. Mary, which is in the process of developing an egg production micro enterprise. \